SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell

My current doorbell at home has lasted me for 28 years (since 1985) and hence I got a new SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell from Funan’s Challenger for S$28.60 (member’s price: S$25.74).

28 years later, it seems technology also changes doorbell. There are so many types right now: wireless, wired, AC powered, battery powered, mp3 (using SD card) and 20 built-in tones.

SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell - Packaging Front
SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell – Packaging Front

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Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp

The Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp (AR3200) is retailing for S$318 at Challenger (Funan) as well as some other stationary shops. I recommend getting it from Challenger (Funan) as they offer a 10% member’s discount and after the discount is cost S$286.20. Do note that it is only available at Challenger (Funan) and not at other Challenger branches.

In Singapore, it is being distributed by Bridgemen, of course you can get it online directly from them and they deliver to you for free.

Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp - Box Front
Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp – Box Front

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NFC Tags by Tapway

Always wanted to play with NFC tags to see how some tasks can be automated.

I am using iPhone 5 which does not comes with NFC capability, but for my work phone, I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (LTE) which does come with NFC capability. Samsung has it’s own brand of NFC Tags called Samsung TecTiles, but unfortunately it will not be available in Singapore till mid-December 2012.

4x Lifestyle Tags & 1x Personal Contact Card
4x Lifestyle Tags & 1x Personal Contact Card

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MSI N460GTX Cylone 768D5

After much hesitation, finally got a new graphics card to replace mine old Leadtek PX9800GX2 1GB DDR3 which gives me BSOD EVERY SINGLE TIME I run any 3D games. This problem occurred just after a year! RMA onced, but the problem came back to my RMAed set once my warranty is over! If I just use it normally (Programming/Internet/Work), it will work fine. But these task does not do justice to my Core 2 Quad with 8GB of RAM!

I thought that I am getting an iMac soon and will not need a graphics card, but after thinking for a few weeks, I think that is still a long way! I am guessing the iMac will be refreshed with a new design in September 2011 and that is the time I am going to get it!.

Box Front

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Intel Bloggers Event

Was invited to Intel exclusive blogger event on Monday, 7th June 2010, at Starhub center which is where the Intel office is. My first impression of the office is that they got tall cubicles!

We are introduce to the latest Intel technology, SSD, Wireless Display, Project “Tangent Bay”, Light Peak, Super Thin Laptops and Intel’s App Store!

Memory vs CPU Upgrades

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Intel’s 2010 Core Processor Family

Had a great time today at Intel’s event at Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey Village. Firstly, free flow of Ben & Jerry ice cream (I only ate five scoops and drank a cup of coke float) and secondly was the ride on the Segway! It was my first time riding the Segway. Felt nervous at first because of the phobia of falling down, but after the first two rounds got kinda used to it and it was very fun (I went a total of 4 rounds around the building). If I have some spare cash, I will definitely get one, but it is freaking ex, minimum at least S$12K.

Intel introduces a range of 32 nanometer processors across the Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 family, about 29 of them. There are 3 Core strength to these processors:

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Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch

Got myself the new Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch for S$179 which was released by Wacom on the 24th September 2009. Wanted to get it even earlier but it was either out of stock at certain places or the stock was not in yet.

I went to Funan’s Challenger and they are left with Wacom Bamboo Touch and Wacom Bamboo Fun, the Pen and Pen & Touch model was sold out. Went into a few shops and they have not brought in. Finally, I found it being sold at Multimedia Integrated (MMI). The price is controlled so it doesn’t really matter where you buy from.

Box – Front View

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Leadtek PX9800GX2 RMA

My mom had help me Return merchandise authorization (RMA) my Leadtek PX9800GX2 at Ban Leong after it decided to give up on me last Sunday.

What happen was Li Xiang was using my desktop half-way and the screen started to show grey horizontals lines and then some purple squares and finally it got so lagged that the computer restarted by itself. Tried several times to revived it, plug it out, clean the connector, waited for a few hours and put it back in again. But still no go.

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