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WordPress 2.1

Thanks to a fellow member (Turk) in GaMerZ.Forums [1], I came to know that WordPress 2.1 is in the beta stages, beta 1 to be exact. Some of my plugins maybe broken with WordPress 2.1 like WP-PageNavi and WP-Stats, but I had already fixed them. If you need it to test it out, feel free to drop me an email.

If you find any of my plugins that are not compatible with WordPress 2.1, please let me know so that I do not need to test all my plugins against WordPress 2.1

Now I need some ideas, I have been thinking the name of my new downloads plugin, but just could not come out with any name nice. WP-Downloads and WP-Download-Manager is taken.

I have the following in mind:
WP-Download (without the s)

Any suggestions are welcomed =)