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WP-EMail 2.10 Beta

Hi guys,

WP-EMail 2.10 is ready for testing, I need you guys to help me test this out because I have re-written part of the core code to support the ability to display the email form within pages. Yes, you do not need to manually edit wp-email.php anymore. It will be integrated into the page. An example of course would be this site.

I have added the styling of the email link similar to WP-Print. Check out the screenshot, readme/changelog and download link below.

» Here is the screenshot [1] of the additional options in WP-EMail 2.10

» WP-Email 2.10 Readme/Changelog [2]

» Click here to download WP-EMail 2.10 Beta [3]

If you found any bug, please do not hesitate to post it in the support forums [4].

Thanks alot. I hope I can release this before 1st February 2007