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WP-Polls 2.20 Beta 1 Test

WP-Polls 2.20 Beta 1 is out the door. As usual, please do not run it on a live site as it is still in a beta stage. There are A LOT of changes between WP-Polls 2.14 and WP-Polls 2.20. 2 major ones are the implementation of polls that allow users to choose multiple answers and AJAX used in the administration panel.

I will try to capture screenshots for all of my plugins when I have the time to do so in addition to the live demo mainly because the administration panel cannot be shown. WP-Polls is the first plugin to get screenshoted.

Screenshots: http://www.lesterchan.net/wordpress/screenshots/browse/wp-polls/ [1]

WP-Polls 2.20 RC 1 [2] has been released.

If you downloaded it, please feedback to me via the Support Forums or by email.

Thank You.

Support forums: http://forums.lesterchan.net [3]
Make sure you are using WordPress 2.1 and NOT WordPress 2.0.x