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WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta

Most of you all have problem with Owen’s Adhesive plugin. I have thus modified it to become my new plugin called WP-Sticky. It is almost the exact same plugin as adhesive. I am going to add in more features in May 2007 when I am having my summer holidays.

I tested with WordPress 2.1.1 and PHP 5.20 With MYSQL 5.

You can configure the options in ‘WP-Admin -> Options -> Sticky’.

You can find the ‘Sticky’ Option under ‘Post Status’ Options in the ‘Write/Edit Post Screen’.

There is a readme.html inside the zip file.

Need support, post it in here, WP-Sticky Support Forums [1].

UPDATE WP-Sticky 1.00 has been finalize, download WP-Sticky 1.00 [2].