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14+ Awesome WordPress-Powered sites

Dougal has put up a list of 14+ awesome WordPress-powered sites [1] on his site.

So being curious, I went to check those 14+ sites and see which sites are using my plugins.

After checking them out, 4 sites out of 14+ sites are using my plugins and they are:

» welovewp.com [2] – WP-PostRatings
» delicious:days [3] – WP-Polls
» PlayStation.Blog [4] – WP-Email, WP-Polls
» Ford Motor Company’s Global Auto Shows [5] – WP-PostRatings

Here are some sites posted in Dougal’s comments:

» WordPress Garden [6] – WP-PostRatings
» Harry Potter Beyond [7] – WP-Polls

Here are some sites posted in my comments:

» My Biggest Complaint [8] – WP-PostRatings

To the webmasters of those sites, THANK YOU for your support.

PS: Maybe when I have the time I will have a links page that has links to all WordPress powered sites that are using my plugins. Just a thought =)