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WP-Email 2.20 Beta 1

I have added AJAX feature to WP-Email 2.20 because it has been requested quite a number of times. Now when you recommend your friend a post/page, it will be sent using AJAX.

I have updated this site from WP-Email 2.11 to WP-Email 2.20 Beta 1 to give you a live demo of the AJAX. Just click on any “Email This Post” link.

Changelog for WP-Email 2.20 Beta 1:

» NEW: AJAX Used To Email The Post/Page
» NEW: Most Emailed Widget Added
» NEW: Ability To Uninstall WP-EMail
» NEW: Uses WP-Stats Filter To Add Stats Into WP-Stats Page
» FIXED: Displaying Friend’s E-Mail Field Is Compulsory To Prevent Error
» FIXED: Method Of Storing SMTP Information Updated
» FIXED: If There Is No Trailing Slash In Your Permalink, WP-Email Will Add It For You

If you are interested in testing it for me: