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WP-ServerInfo 1.60

I have updated WP-ServerInfo [1] to 1.60.

There are 2 changes only:

  1. The major change was adding support for memcached [1] stats if your server has it and your PHP is compiled with it [2]
  2. The other was to tidy up and use readme.txt instead of readme.html so that user can see all the information (including screenshots) within the plugin page itself [1].

Moving forward, whenever I have time to spare and when I am updating my plugins, I will port the respective plugin’s readme.html to readme.txt to keep it consistent.

Rest assured that my plugins are NOT dead, just not as active as before due to work commitments.

I am always using the latest stable version of WordPress for my website, lesterchan.net [3], and hence I will make sure that the plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.