LaMetric Time – Customizable Smart Ticker

· · · Internet of Things

LaMetric Time was launched on Kickstarter on 17th June 2014. It got successfully funded on 1st August 2014 after raising US$370,001 out of their initial goal of US$69,000 from 2,215 backers.

I was one of their super early bird backer. I pledged US$119 (S$168) for the LaMetric Time itself and shipping to Singapore is additional US$25 (S$36).

SUPER EARLY BIRD BATTERY LAMETRIC – This level is for those who get in quick and want the best deal! Get The Battery LaMetric Time (with built-in Lithium-ion, rechargeable battery) at a very limited special price and help kick off our launch! Free shipping to the continental US.

It was supposed to start shipping in January 2015 but shipping got delayed till October 2015. It was shipped to me on 7th October 2015 from Hong Kong and I received it last Friday on 9th October 2015.

After Kickstarter, you can get the LaMetric Time from the LaMetric Store. The battery operated unit retails for US$199 (S$278) while the power operated unit retails for US$179 (S$250). For some reasons, it doesn’t ship to Singapore. But I guess you can always drop them a support question to ask why.

LaMetric Time is probably one of the most interesting product I backed on Kickstarter. It is a standalone, customizable, hackable ticker that tracks key metrics and displays them in real-time.

This unique clock can be set up to tell you the events on your calendar for the day, the temperature or even to count down the days until your new baby is born. LaMetric Time eliminates the need to check multiple apps or news sites for the information you need. Instead, you receive everything at a glance, all in one place, in real-time.

Just to name a few things that it supports: Fitbit, Asana, Todoist, Google Analytics, Facebook fan counter, Mentions on Twitter, PayPal live balance and transactions.

It also supports IFTTT (coming soon) which makes the possibilities endless.

You can even combine two or three LaMetric Time in a row to form a dashboard. The combined LaMetric Time will be in sync and acts like a single device.

LaMetric Time comes with built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers.

It measures 21cm x 6.1cm x 3.6cm and weighs 600g. The display is in 37×8 pixels. 8×8 color pixels act as the icon and 29×8 white pixels acts as the text.

LaMetric Time - Box Front
LaMetric Time – Box Front

LaMetric Time - Box Back
LaMetric Time – Box Back

LaMetric Time - Box
LaMetric Time – Box

LaMetric Time - Box Contents
LaMetric Time – Box Contents

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Belkin Road Rockstar: 4-Port 36W/7.2A Passenger Car Charger

· · · Battery & Power

I didn’t know that besides my Aukey 48W 9.6A 4-Port Car Charger, Belkin also has a 4-Port car charger, the Belkin Road Rockstar.

The Belkin Road Rockstar is available at all 34 outlets of Challenger and Lazada at a recommended retail price of S$79.

The Belkin Road Rockstar is a 4-Port 36W/7.2A car charger. There are two USB ports on the charger itself which gives a maximum combined output of 2.4A. The other two USB ports can be found on the extendable hub and each port on the hub can give you a maximum output of 2.4A.

The extendable hub is meant for your backseat passengers and the cable connecting the charger to the extendable hub is 1.8m in length.

You can charge up to four mobile devices simultaneously using the Belkin Road Rockstar but only three tablets simultaneously (one on the charger and two on the extendable hub).

That is because for the front seat passenger and driver, only a maximum output of 2.4A is possible whereas for the backseat passengers, it has a combined output of 4.8A. Personally, I would prefer Belkin give priority to the front seat passengers instead.

Belkin Road Rockstar - Box Front
Belkin Road Rockstar – Box Front

Belkin Road Rockstar - Box Back
Belkin Road Rockstar – Box Back

Belkin Road Rockstar - Box
Belkin Road Rockstar – Box

Belkin Road Rockstar - Box Open
Belkin Road Rockstar – Box Open

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Linksys EA8500 Max-Stream AC2600 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Review

The Linksys Max-Stream AC2600 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router or Linksys EA8500 Router in short was released on 4th August 2015 exclusively at Challenger and is now available in most electronics stores. The recommended retail price of the Linksys EA8500 is S$399.

Linksys EA8500 - Box Front
Linksys EA8500 – Box Front

Linksys EA8500 - Box Back
Linksys EA8500 – Box Back

Linksys EA8500 - Box Left
Linksys EA8500 – Box Left

Linksys EA8500 - Box
Linksys EA8500 – Box

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Tool Pen mini

· · · Hardware

Last year I backed the Tool Pen on Kickstarter and was pretty impressed with the quality of the Tool Pen and how the project was ran.

When mininch launched a new Tool Pen mini on 8th April 2015 on Kickstarter, I backed it without much hesitation.

The Tool Pen mini is aimed at smaller stuff like small electronics, game console, laptop, tablet PC, mobile phone, toys, Meccano, music equipment, glasses, wristwatch, appliances, remote controller, as well as many household gadgets and personal ornaments.

I personally find the Tool Pen mini useful for travelling. It even has a SIM Eject Tool bit included.

Instead of holding 6 bits like the Tool Pen, the Tool Pen mini now holds 5 bits. The material of the bits has also been upgraded to S2 Tool Steel which makes it harder, stronger, and super durable for frequent use, according to mininch.

I pledged US$60 (S$86) for the Tool Pen mini Aplus Edition Gunmetal reward which consists of the Gunmetal mini Pen with 21 bits (SL1.5, SL2, SL2.5, PH00, PH0, H0.9, H1.3, H1.5, T6, T7, TR8, TR9, SIM Eject 0.8, and extra SL3, PH1, H2, TR10, S1, P2, P5, P6). Shipping is free.

The project was funded on 22nd May 2015 after raising US$350,119 out of their initial goal of US$15,000 from 4,644 backers.

The estimated delivery date is September 2015. Shipping started on 26th September 2015 and I received my Tool Pen mini two weeks later on 6th October 2015.

mininch is the only company I know on Kickstarter (out of the 32 projects I backed) that always meets the delivery date.


  • Material: 6061 aluminum, sand-blasting finish
  • Length: 133.5mm
  • Diameter: 12.8mm
  • Weight: 46g (with 5 bits inside)
  • Color Edition: Snow Silver, Gunmetal, Champagne Gold


  • Material: S2 Tool Steel
  • Length: 35.6mm
  • Diameter: 7.1mm
  • Weight: 4.5g
  • No. of types: 21 types for Tool Pen supported
    • Slotted Bits (Flat): SL1.5, SL2, SL2.5, SL3
    • Phillips Bits: PH00, PH0, PH1
    • Hexagon Bits (Hex): H0.9, H1.3, H1.5, H2
    • Torx Bits (Star): T6, T7
    • Torx Security Bits: TR8, TR9, TR10
    • Square Bits: S1
    • SIM Eject Tool: 0.8
    • Pentalobe Bits: P2, P5, P6

Tool Pen mini - Box
Tool Pen mini – Box

Tool Pen mini - Box Open
Tool Pen mini – Box Open

Tool Pen mini - Box Contents
Tool Pen mini – Box Contents

Because I backed the Tool Pen before, I have an additional limited edition gift which is the Bits Case for Tool Pen.

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JBL Flip 3 Portable Speaker

JBL Flip 3 Portable Speaker is a portable splashproof Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker that is retailing for S$179 in Singapore.

The JBL Flip 3 is pretty much an all-purpose speaker because it is made of durable and splashproof fabric material with rugged rubber.

Because it is splashproof, it can withstand rain water and water spills. It can even be washed using a running tap as long as you do not submerged it into the water.

It measures 64mm x 64mm x 169mm, weighs 450g and comes in eight different colors but only seven will be available in Singapore: Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Orange, Teal and Pink. Yellow will not be available in Singapore.

It has a 3,000mAh rechargeable Li-ion built-in battery that gives you about 10 hours of music playback.

You can connect up to three devices to the speaker. If there are multiple JBL Flip 3 or any JBL Connect-enabled speakers in the room, you can wirelessly link them together for a better listening experience.

You can even use the JBL Flip 3 to answer calls because it comes with built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone.


JBL Flip 3 - Box Front
JBL Flip 3 – Box Front

JBL Flip 3 - Box Back
JBL Flip 3 – Box Back

JBL Flip 3 - Box Left
JBL Flip 3 – Box Left

JBL Flip 3 - Box Right
JBL Flip 3 – Box Right

JBL Flip 3 - Box
JBL Flip 3 – Box

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