Name Chan Hong Wei, Lester
Nick GaMerZ
DOB 24th March 1984
Gender Male
Location Singapore
Occupation Student/Undergraduate/Web Developer
Love Family, Friends and Girlfriend
Hobbies Web Development/Programming, Music, Computer Games, Movies, Food, Sleep, Slack, Gadgets
Horoscope Aries
Website Lester Chan's Website
Email lesterchan AT gmail DOT com
MSN gamerz84 AT hotmail DOT com
Google Talk lesterchan AT gmail DOT com
Skype gamerz84
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 Short Write Up

Well, I am person who faces the computer about 8 or more hours a day, and cannot live without it. I love gadgets and always like to have the latest gadget in my hands and that is why I always change my mobile phone every year while I change my computer once in 5 years.

During my free time, I would normally do some web programming and provide support for my WordPress plugins. I would try to catch a movie at least once every week to keep myself up to date with the movie industry simple because I love to watch movies.

I am quite a fussy person and may like to complain a lot. Maybe I aim for perfection and wants everything to be done my way or what I expect it to be. I admit I am an impatient person as I do things very fast and within the shortest time possible. My friends always say I eat, drink, walk and talk very fast. Well, thats me.

I do play some sports, like badminton, table tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer, volleyball and inline skating. Jack of all trades and master of none.

I have wonderful parents who care and concern for me, and a very good younger brother. My mom will always cook dinner for us and always fetch me around. My dad will make sure I got clothes to wear, because he is in charge of the laundry and ironing. Well I can say that I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful and caring family.

On top of a wonderful family, I have a wonderful wife who cares about me and shower me with love. She will always try her best to be a good wife by packing my stuffs and even learning how to prepare meals for me.