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Aqara Camera Hub G3 Review

I have used multiple Google Nest Cam in my current house, which has served me well. The connection is stable. The only time it went down was when my Internet was down. I even subscribe to Nest Aware for ten days of 24/7 video recording. I have integrated my Nest Cams to Apple HomeKit using Homebridge with Homebridge Nest Cam Plugin. The integration works well as well.

For my new house, which I hope to move into in Q4 2023, I am seeing if I can integrate smart home devices directly into HomeKit without running Homebridge on my Synology NAS.

Aqara Camera Hub G3 - Box Front
Aqara Camera Hub G3 – Box Front

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Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Review

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra was launched 2 months back in Singapore. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra retails for S$1,769.90 on Shopee or Lazada. You can probably get it cheaper during double-digit sales day since you will be able to stack various vouchers from the platform on top of it as well.

Two colors are available for the S8 Pro Ultra, black and white.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra - Box
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra – Box

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Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 Review

The much awaited Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 has finally launched in Singapore on 20th April 2023. It retails for S$159 and you can get it from Souky store on Lazada or Shopee.

Unlike the typical motion sensors that use Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors, presence sensors use 60 GHz mmWave radar sensors to detect “presence” instead of “motion.” Because of this, it can detect multiple people in a room. It can also tell the difference between a person in a room that is not moving and no one in it. This is something that motion sensors could never differentiate.

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 - Box Front
Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 – Box Front

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igloohome Bridge Review

Most, if not all, igloohome locks come with only Bluetooth connectivity. So your phone needs to be in the range of the device to control it. So what if you want to control it via Wi-Fi? That is where the igloohome Bridge comes into the picture.

igloohome Bridge retails for S$110 and is a bridge between your phone and igloohome locks.

igloohome Bridge - Packaging Front
igloohome Bridge – Packaging Front

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igloohome Smart PadLock 2 Review

igloohome Smart PadLock 2 is the successor to the igloohome Smart PadLock which was launched three years ago. The changes are mostly on the hardware side.

One of the major differences is using a rechargeable lithium battery which is chargeable via the USB-C port. If the Padlock 2 battery is flat, you can charge it using a power bank instead of a 9V alkaline battery.

igloohome Smart Padlock 2 - Packaging Front
igloohome Smart Padlock 2 – Packaging Front

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Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 Review

The much-awaited Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 is finally available in Singapore last week. It retails in Singapore for S$209.90, and you can get it from Souky Shop on Lazada or Souky Shop on Shopee.

Aqara G4 features 162° angle 1080p recording with infrared night vision. It can be powered via six AA batteries (included in the packaging) or an AC/DC adapter. For AC, it needs to be 12V – 24V 0.2A 50/60Hz, or for DC, it needs 8V – 24V 0.5A.

Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 - Box Front
Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 – Box Front

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Dreame H12 Pro Wet & Dry Vacuum Review

Dreame H12 Pro is a 3-in-1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is 3-in-1 instead of 2-in-1 because it includes an auto-cleaning feature. It is the higher end model to the Dreame H12.

Dreame H12 Pro will be launching on 11th November 2022 for S$729. You can get it from Shopee or Lazada. Early bird pricing will start from 25th October 2022 till 31st October 2022. During this period, it will be discounted to S$649. In addition, you can get S$35 discount using the discount code DREALESTE, reducing the price to S$614. The discount code is valid only on Shopee till 14th November 2022.

Dreame H12 Pro - Box
Dreame H12 Pro – Box

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Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

The last time I played with a Google Pixel phone was three years ago, with the Google Pixel 3a XL. It has since End of Line (EOL), with the last supported operating system (OS) being Android 12, which was released in 2021. The previous (and last) security patch for Pixel 3a XL was released in September 2022.

Now back to Google Pixel 7 Pro. Google Pixel 7 Pro was officially announced during Made by Google event on 7th October 2022 and was released in Singapore on 14th October 2022. There are three colors available for Pixel 7 Pro, Hazel, Snow, and Obsidian. Snow and Hazel are only available for 128GB, whereas Obsidian is available for 128GB and 256GB.

Google Pixel 7 Pro - Box Front
Google Pixel 7 Pro – Box Front

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Knocki Review

Knocki is an interesting device that can turn any surface into a remote control. As the name of the product suggests, you can knock or tap on any surface that the Knocki is on, and it will translate into remote actions (which Knocki calls tasks).

Knocki started as a Kickstarter in May 2016, and it got successfully funded on July 2016. It raised a total of US$1,144,399 out of its initial goal of US$35,000 from 8,897 backers.

Knocki - Box Front
Knocki – Box Front

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