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Our Play & Work From Home Setup 2024

Four years have passed since my last Our Play & Work From Home Setup 2020. COVID-19 came and passed. I have moved to a more central location in Singapore as commuting from my previous home is horrendous.

So, I wanted a post to update our play and work setup at our new home.

My Desktop Gaming Setup 2024
My Desktop Gaming Setup 2024

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Happy 40th Birthday To Me

I celebrated my 40th birthday yesterday with my family as I reached the mid-point of my life. The average life expectancy for males in Singapore is 80.7 in 2022. So, in gaming terms, if you started the game with 100% health, you are now down to 50% health remaining.

This phase of my life is to enjoy life as much as possible. Travel when I can walk, eat while I have teeth, and buy things I like while still working.

Zeng Hu Chu - Foyer
Zeng Hu Chu – Foyer

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Happy 39th Birthday To Me

The last birthday before my age starts with the number 4. Looking back, I have blogged for more than 22 years. The first post on this site dates back to 24th March 2002, which is my 18th birthday.

Bedrock Bar & Grill
On my actual birthday (yesterday), I went with Li Xiang to Bedrock Bar & Grill at Somerset.

Bedrock - Japanese Aged Full Blood Wagyu
Bedrock – Japanese Aged Full Blood Wagyu

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Looking Back 2022

After almost two years plus on-and-off restrictions due to COVID-19, Singapore finally opened up slowly in the year’s second half, and mask-wearing became optional for most places. Finally, we are almost back to normal. I hope in 2023, mask-wearing will become optional on public transport.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Thanks to my ex-colleague, JayJay, for the link up, I got into Roborock’s Public relations (PR) list. They have sent me two Roborock cleaners for review, the Roborock Q7 Max and Roborock G10.

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Apple Watch Edition Series 7 (45mm Space Black Titanium Case)

My Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case With Space Black Milanese Loop) is approaching its end of life soon as it passes the four-year mark. I expected Apple to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 this year (2021), but it lives to die another year.

If you are on the non-cellular Apple Watch Series 3, you will run into problems upgrading WatchOS because there is only 4GB of storage. Luckily, I am on cellular, and it comes with 8GB of storage, so I do not have this problem.

Apple Watch Edition Series 7 - Outer Box
Apple Watch Edition Series 7 – Outer Box

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Synology DiskStation Manager 7 (DSM 7)

Synology DiskStation Manager 7 (DSM 7) was released on 29th June 2021. Right now, the upgrading process is still manual. You have to go to Synology Download Center, input your Synology NAS model, and choose your current DSM version to upgrade from.

I upgraded both my DS920+ and DS1621+, and my current DSM version for both is DSM 6.2.4. After clicking download, it will prompt you to download a .pat file. The file size is about 340MB.

Synology Download Center
Synology Download Center

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