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Yubico NFC Security Keys

Yubico has two models of their NFC security keys. Yubikey 5C NFC for USB-C devices and Yubikey 5 NFC for USB-A devices.

They are part of Yubico’s YubiKeys Series 5 which started in 2018. Yubikey 5C NFC is the newest member of Series 5, which was launched in 2020.

Yubico NFC Security Keys - Front
Yubico NFC Security Keys – Front

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Omron Body Composition Monitor (HBF-222T)

Omron Body Composition Monitor (HBF-222T) retails for S$169 in Singapore. During flash sales on Christmas, it dropped to S$150. After deducting the additional platform and shop voucher of S$10 each, I paid just S$130.

I bought this to replace my 10-year-old Fitbit Aria, which spoiled last month.

Omron Body Composition Monitor (HBF-222T) - Box Front
Omron Body Composition Monitor (HBF-222T) – Box Front

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Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero is a portable multi-tool for “hackers” who likes to play around with radio protocols and access control systems. It started as a Kickstarter project on 30th July 2020. It was then successfully funded on 29th August 2020 after raising a total of US$4,882,784 from 37,987 backers, which blew past their initial goal of only US$60,000.

I was their early bird, so I paid US$119 (S$166) without shipping as Flipper could not determine the shipping cost then. When they managed to get their logistics sorted out in September 2021, I paid US$13.37 (S$19) for shipping to Singapore.

Flipper Zero - Box
Flipper Zero – Box

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Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (JPN500)

Signs you are getting older is when you need to get a blood pressure monitor after your annual health checkup. I went for my annual health checkup on 8th July 2022, and the doctor mentioned that my blood pressure was slightly above the normal range.

Based on, I fall under the High-Normal BP range and doctor ask me to watch my salt intake.

Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (JPN500) - Box Front
Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (JPN500) – Box Front

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Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S

A screw punctured my tire last week, and because I did not drive the car for a few days, the tire pressure dropped to 90 kPa.

Since the car tire pressure sensor only kicks in after a while, we realized this after driving out onto the main road. Luckily, our tires are run-flat, so it is relatively safe to drive to the nearest petrol station and fill it back up to 220 kPa.

Tire Punctured
Tire Punctured

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Bebird X17 Pro

After posting about Bebird M9 Pro, Black Bees Innovation, the Hong Kong company behind Bebird, contacted me about the new Bebird X17 Pro.

Bebird X17 Pro retails for US$69.99 (S$95) on Bebird’s website and is currently available in Black. The other two colors, white, and blue are out of stock. If you want to get it from Lazada, you might need to wait a little while longer, as this is a new product.

Bebird X17 Pro - Box With Gift
Bebird X17 Pro – Box With Gift

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