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Facebook Instant Articles

I have submmited a request for this site to publish Facebook Instant Articles since last Thursday and it finally got approved today (despite it says 24-48 hours review process)

I am using the official plugin called Instant Articles for WP by Automattic to generate an Instant Article RSS feed.

Facebook Instant Articles - Settings - 1
Facebook Instant Articles – Settings – 1

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Previously, averages about 1,900ms in response time according to Pingdom Public Status Page. When I switched over to HTTPS, the response time increased to 2,600ms. I was still on Apache 2.4.7 running PHP 5.5.9 via mod_php.

When I made the switch to nginx 1.6.2 running PHP 5.5.22 via php-fpm, the response time decreases back to 1,900ms. Response Times Response Times

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Been about 10 months since v4.2. For v4.3, the changes are mostly cosmetic and backend.

Web Push Notifications by Roost
I have added Roost‘s push notification service. If you visit this site more than two times using Safari (Chrome and Firefox is coming soon), you will get a push notification opt-in prompt. If you opt-in, every time there is a new post on this site, you will get a push notification as shown in the image below. - Notification Banner – Notification Banner

· 0 Views · Comments On NewsLoop is now on NewsLoop under the category Tech & Gadgets, joining in 600 other publishers on the platform.

What is Newsloop?
NewsLoop which is an app by SingTel, puts together the best news and lifestyle content from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines and Thailand, all into a single elegant app. With over 600 publishers and 30 categories of stories to choose from, NewsLoop lets you discover news that matters to you.

NewsLoop Badge
NewsLoop Badge

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