Professional Experience

Work Experience

Company Description Year
Tech in Asia (Tech in Asia Pte Ltd) Tech in Asia is an online technology media company based across Asia and the US, and they cover the latest happenings in Asia's tech and startup scene. I head the engineering team to build products and features. Sep 2014 - May 2019
migme (mig33 Pte Ltd) migme (previously known as mig33) is an open, social entertainment platform where every day millions discover great stories and friends. I work as a Senior Web Engineer in migme's engineering team. Feb 2010 - Aug 2014
Sedgwick Richardson (SEA) Pte Ltd My internship company during university. Developed custom WordPress Plugins and Themes in PHP and MYSQL for Sedgwick Richardson's clients, such as World Sport Group and Neptune Orient Lines. May 2009 - Jul 2009
FRRO LLP I developed the company's corporate website and internal billing system in PHP and MySQL. Jun 2007 - Jul 2007
All Events Group Pte Ltd I developed the company's customer database for internal use and corporate website with integration to e-NETS online payment in PHP and MySQL. May 2007 - Jul 2007
First Food Industries Pte Ltd I developed the company's corporate website in PHP and MySQL. May 2006 - Jul 2006
Premiere Value Group My internship company during polytechnic. I developed an online education portal entitled, Max Interactive, in PHP and MySQL. Jan 2004 - Apr 2004
Crimson Logic Pte Ltd I worked in the company's call center as a help desk support for its products such as BizNet, TradeNet, and LawNet. Feb 2001 - Jun 2001

Programming Experience

Project Description Year
WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins Developer

  • Developed a total of 21 WordPress Plugins in PHP and MYSQL.
  • Ranked the top three WordPress Plugin developers in the world.
  • More than 25 million downloads for my WordPress Plugins.
  • My WordPress Plugins are featured in WordPress books in different languages selling in different countries, such as WordPress for Dummies.
  • Several Fortune 500 companies are using my WordPress Plugins such as Coca-Cola, Xerox, Yahoo, Sony, Ford, Wall Street Journal, etc.
2003 - Jan 2010
YOURLS - Your Own URL Shortener Developed in PHP and MYSQL, it shortens long URLs which is supposed to be used in micro blogging such as Twitter. 2008
GaMerZ File Explorer Developed in PHP, it replaces the default folders and files listings in Apache HTTP Servers. 2006
GaMerZ error_log Cleaner Developed in PHP, it deletes all error_log files that are left behind by PHP in Apache HTTP Servers. 2005

Talk Experience

Company Description Year
Google Asia Pacific

Guest Speaker For AMP Roadshow Singapore

  • Gave a talk on "Tech in Asia's journey with AMP".
Oct 2017
Singapore WordPress User Group

Co-founder of the Singapore WordPress User Group

  • Gave a talk on "Moving Beyond WordPress At Tech in Asia" for the group June 2016 meetup.
  • Gave a talk on "Scaling Tech in Asia" for the group June 2015 meetup.
  • Gave a talk on "Securing Your WordPress Installation" for the group September 2014 meetup.
  • Gave a talk on "WP-ShowHide" during WordPress Wednesdays on September 2012.
Sep 2012 - Jun 2016
The Digital Movement

Guest Speaker For Blogout! 2009

  • Gave a talk on "WordPress as a blogging tool".
Mar 2009
Singapore PHP User Group

Member of the Singapore PHP User Group

  • Gave a talk on "WordPress Plugin Development with PHP" for the group December 2007 meetup.
  • Gave a talk on "Developing Plugins For WordPress" for the group June 2008 meetup.
Nov 2007 - Jun 2008

Academic Achievements

School Description Year
National University Of Singapore CS3216: Software Development on Evolving Platforms
  • Developed four Facebook Applications in PHP and MYSQL together with Facebook APIs like FBML, FJS and FBJS.
Jan 2008 - Apr 2008
CS3214: Information Systems Development Project
  • Lead the team in this large-scale project in developing an Airlines Human Resource Management System using J2EE and MYSQL. Scored an A- for it.
Aug 2007 - Nov 2007
Singapore Polytechnic World Skills Singapore
  • Represented Singapore Polytechnic in the finals for World Skills Singapore under the Web Design Trade.
Feb 2004 - Jul 2004
Final Year Project: Institute of Mental Health
  • Developed two websites entitled, The Quiet Room and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in ASP and Microsoft SQL.
Jul 2003 - Nov 2003


Education Qualifications

School Qualification Year
National University Of Singapore Bachelor of Computing (Honors) in Information Systems
Specialized in Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME)
Aug 2006 - Dec 2009
Singapore Polytechnic Diploma In Multimedia Technology Jul 2001 - Jul 2004
Delta Secondary School GCE 'O' Levels Jan 2000 - Nov 2000
Hua Yi Secondary School - Jan 1997 - Nov 1999
De La Salle Primary School PSLE Jan 1993 - Nov 1996
Saint Anthony Primary School - Jan 1991 - Nov 1992

University Grades

Bachelor of Computing (Honors) in Information Systems
Module Module Name Grade
Exempted Modules
CS1101 Programming Methodology -
CS2102 Database Systems -
CS3240 Human-Computer Interaction -
GXK1999 GEM B For Poly Graduates -
POY1901 UEM (1) For Poly Graduates -
POY1902 UEM (2) For Poly Graduates -
POY1903 UEM (3) For Poly Graduates -
POY1904 Breadth (1) For Poly Graduates -
2006/2007 - Semester 1
CS1102 Data Structures and Algorithms B+
CS1104 Computer Organisation B
CS1231 Discrete Structures D+
ET1000 English For Academic Purposes (Comp) B-
MA1301 Introductory Mathematics B
2006/2007 - Semester 2
CS1105 Computing and Society A-
CS2250 Fundamentals of Information Systems B-
CS2261 Enterprise Systems Development B+
EC1301 Principles of Economics C+
FNA1002X Financial Accounting B
2007/2008 - Semester 1
CS2105 Introduction to Computer Networks A-
CS3214 Information Systems Development Project A-
CS3253 Management of Information Systems B
GEK1531 Introduction to Cybercrime B+
2007/2008 - Semester 2
CS2106 Operating Systems B+
CS2301 Business And Technical Communication B
CS3216 Software Development on Evolving Platforms B+
CS3254 Information Security Management B
MA1312 Calculus with Applications C+
2008/2009 - Semester 1
CS3251 Technology Strategy and Management B+
CS3361 Service Science B+
CS4251 Strategic IS Planning B+
CS4254 IS Project Management B-
2008/2009 - Semester 2
CS4252 Control, Audit and Security of IS A+
CS4267 IT and Supply Chain Management A
CS4361 Service Systems B
ST2334 Probability and Statistics C+
2009/2010 - Semester 1
GEK1001 Place, Environment and Society B+
SSA2211 The Evolution of a Global City-State B-
CS1280 Java to C++ S
CS4259 Legal Aspects of Information Technology A
CS4266 IT and Customer Relationship Management A-
CAP 3.81
Exempted modules, ET1000, MA1312, SSA2211 and CS1280 are not included in the calculation of the CAP. CS1280 is a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) module.

Polytechnic Grades

Diploma In Multimedia Technology
Module Module Name Grade
2001/2002 - Semester 1
ST0101 Introduction To Computers And Information Technology B
ST0111 Productivity And Quality C
ST0113 Object-Oriented Programming A
ST7101 Digital Audio C
ST7102 Digital Video C
ST7103 Storyboarding And Scripting B
2001/2002 - Semester 2
MS0105 Mathematics B
SP0008 Character Education B
ST0114 Database Management Systems B
ST7104 Graphic Design Using Imaging Tools B
ST7105 Modeling And Photo-Rendering B
ST7106 Web Publishing DIST
2002/2003 - Semester 1
BA9001 Entrepreneurship B
ST2201 Web Programming DIST
ST7201 Computer Animation B
ST7202 Design For User Interaction B
ST7203 Interactive Web Design B
ST7204 Productivity And Quality 2 B
ST7215 Data Structures And Algorithms B
2002/2003 - Semester 2
ST0109 Technical And Business Communications B
ST2101 Visual Basic Programming A
ST7205 Multimedia Application Design B
ST7206 Multimedia Authoring Systems B
ST7207 Managing Multimedia Projects B
ST7212 Interactive Computer Graphics B
ST9001 PC Technology A
2003/2004 - Semester 1
ST0207 Ethics And Law Of IT B
ST7301 Multimedia Group Project DIST
ST7304 Java Server Programming A
ST7305 Games Programming A
2003/2004 - Semester 2
ST0307 Internship A
Total Modules 31
Total DISTs 3
Total As 6
Total Bs 19
Total Cs 3

'O' Level Grades

Subject Grade
  Alphabetical Numerical
English Language B Four
Geography B Three
Mathematics D A Two
Additional Mathematics B Three
Physics B Three
Chemistry C Five
Chinese C Six
Chinese(Oral/Aural) - Pass
L1R4 15
L1R5 20