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Knocki Review

Knocki is an interesting device that can turn any surface into a remote control. As the name of the product suggests, you can knock or tap on any surface that the Knocki is on, and it will translate into remote actions (which Knocki calls tasks).

Knocki started as a Kickstarter in May 2016, and it got successfully funded on July 2016. It raised a total of US$1,144,399 out of its initial goal of US$35,000 from 8,897 backers.

Knocki - Box Front
Knocki – Box Front

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DreameBot L10s Ultra Review

DreameBot L10s Ultra is the latest flagship robot cleaner from Dreame. Dreame is part of Xiaomi Ecological Chain. This means it is an independent company invested by Xiaomi.

Apart from Dreame, there are other robot cleaner manufacturers from China like Roidmi, Roborock, Ecovacs, and ILife.

DreameBot L10s Ultra - Box Front
DreameBot L10s Ultra – Box Front

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Roborock G10 Review

Roborock G10 was launched in Singapore on the 7th July 2022 (7/7), and the recommended retail price (RRP) is S$1,699, though often you can get it way below the RRP during double-digit sales days like the upcoming 9th September 2022 (9/9).

Based on the previous 8/8 double-digit sales day, for the upcoming 9/9 double-digit sales day, the Roborock G10 should retail for about S$999.90 on both Shopee and Lazada. The usual price is around S$1,049.90.

Roborock G10 - Box
Roborock G10 – Box

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Ugreen DigiNest Pro Power Strip

Ugreen DigiNest Pro Power Strip retails for S$169.99 on Lazada. Like most Ugreen products, if you do not have an urgent need for them, you can wait for a double-digit sales day (like the upcoming 8/8), where most of their items will be cheaper on that day.

DigiNest Pro is an interesting and probably the first product from Ugreen that comes with three AC ports, three USB-C ports, and 1 USB-A port.

Ugreen DigiNest Pro - Box Front
Ugreen DigiNest Pro – Box Front

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Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone Review

Poly Sync 20 is a speakerphone that can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth v5.1 or wired via the built-in 70cm USB-A cable.

It has a three microphone steerable array that can pick up voices within 2m. It uses a 40 mm driver for its speaker and comes with dual passive radiators.

Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone - Back
Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone – Back

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Poly Studio P5 Webcam Review

Poly Studio P5 Kit comes with various options like the Blackwire headset, Voyager headset, and Sync Bluetooth speakerphone.

I have the review unit for the Poly Studio P5 Kit With Sync 20+. This review will be about the Poly Studio P5 Webcam. The review of the Poly Sync 20+ will come at a later date.

Poly Studio P5 Kit With Sync 20 - Box
Poly Studio P5 Kit With Sync 20 – Box

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Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera Review

There are four main lines of security cameras from Arlo. Arlo Ulta, Arlo Pro, Arlo Essential, and Arlo Go. Arlo Ulta supports 4K HDR video recording, while Arlo Pro supports 2K HDR video recording. Arlo Essential supports 1080p video recording, while Arlo Go supports 720p recording as it is meant to be used with a 4G plan.

Only Arlo Essential has two cameras in the line, Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera and Arlo Essential Indoor Camera. Both of which I have reviewed.

Arlo Pro 4 - Box Front
Arlo Pro 4 – Box Front

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