Went to Civic Plaza to catch the World Cup match, I must that it is very fun, there are about 7500 people there, with host from the perfect 10 like Daniel Ong, Jean Danker entertaining us. So in the end my guess is correct Brazil is the world champion, beating Germany 2-0 thanks to the 2 goals scored by Ronaldo, in total he scored 8 goals for this year World Cup making him winning the Golden Boots Award. See you in Germany in 2006 School starts tomorrow, boring…..

Today marks the end of World Cup 2002, for the pass 30 days, we had great fun, happiness and also disappointments. The final match between Germany and Brazil will start at 7pm and the closing ceremony will be about 9pm. So who will emerge as world champion for this year? My bet will be on Brazil, but Germany also have high chances of winning the world cup.

I will be out in the afternoon, meeting some secondary school friends and proceeding to Ngee Ann City at about 7pm to watch the final world cup match.

Tomorrow schooling starts for all those polytechnic students, including me. Year 2 cannot afford to slack anymore. My first lesson on Monday starts at 8.30am and ends at 5.30pm, hope I can wake up in time, Hehe =)

1st – 4th Positions
1st) Brazil
2nd) Germany
3rd) Turkey
4th) Korea

Match Played
Germany(0) : Brazil(2)

All matches are in (SG) times