WordPress 2.0 is finally announced on WordPress official site. More information about the change in WordPress 2.0.

In the mean time, I have updated ALL my 8 plugins to be compatible with WordPress 2.0.

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Stats 2.00downloaddemo
Display your WordPress statistics.

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Wap 2.00download – demo
Browse your WordPress weblog entries on a Wap enabled mobile phone.

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Polls 2.03downloaddemo
Adds an integrated poll system to your WordPress.

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-PageNavi 2.00downloaddemo
Adds a page navigation with paging elements to your WordPress.

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Print 2.01downloaddemo
Displays a printable version of your WordPress weblog post.

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-EMail 2.01downloaddemo
Enable you to send your webblog entry to a friend.

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-UserOnline 2.00downloaddemo
Enable you to display how many users are online on your WordPress with detailed statistics of where they are and who there are(Members/Guests/Search Bots).

WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-DBManager 2.00download
Manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database and run selected queries.

The demo above is still based on WordPress 1.5.2 as this site is not yet updated. For the actual demo of my plugins on WordPress 2.0, please visit GaMerZ.WordPress.

If you are using WordPress 1.5.2 and need my plugins, check below.

WordPress 1.5.2 Version Of My Plugins
» WP-Stats for WP 1.5.2
» WP-Wap for WP 1.5.2
» WP-Polls for WP 1.5.2
» WP-PageNavi for WP 1.5.2
» WP-Print for WP 1.5.2
» WP-EMail for WP 1.5.2
» WP-UserOnline for WP 1.5.2
» WP-DBManager for WP 1.5.2

Once again, thank you guys for all the support that you have given me.