Happy New Year Guys!. It is 2006. 6 more months to Germany 2006!

Went to CA for dinner yesterday, sat there for a straight 4 hours, after that we had some chilling out at Suntec’s City Fountain Of Wealth before proceeding to Esplanade to see the fireworks.

We were at Esplanade at about 11.30pm, and the whole place is really packed with people. When we where there, they just nice off the street lamps and the place is dark, then waited for about 11.59pm before the 1st firework was fired up in the sky and the crowd scream. The whole fireworks display lasted exactly 10 minutes and the last finale being spamming of fireworks, is like you got 30 rounds of ammo left and you have to emptied it within a few seconds.

7 Months, 6 Days / 218 Days to ORD.

I am going to love 2006

FIFA WorldCup: Germany 2006 Groups & Standings
Group A
» Germany
» Costa Rica
» Poland
» Ecuador

Group B
» England
» Paraguay
» Trinidad and Tobago
» Sweden

Group C
» Argentina
» Côte d’Ivoire
» Serbia and Montenegro
» Netherlands

Group D
» Mexico
» Iran
» Angola
» Portugal

Group E
» Italy
» Ghana
» Czech Republic

Group F
» Brazil
» Croatia
» Australia
» Japan

Group G
» France
» Switzerland
» Korea Republic
» Togo

Group H
» Spain
» Ukraine
» Tunisia
» Saudi Arabia

Match Schedule | Groups & Standings

1st match will start on midnight on 10th June 2006 (Singapore Time), Germany vs Costa Rica.