881 is no doubt one of the best local production ever been made. Royston Tan has yet done it again right after 15 and 4:30. At this age, I think he has already surpass Jack Neo.

One thing I like about Royston’s movies is that they are always very unique and portray a different side of Singapore and some of the actors and actress he used in the movie are not actors and actress by nature, instead they are doing it as a profession.

Take 881 for example, where it is a Getai (Chinese 7th month stage show), some the actors and actress in the movies are professional getai singers.

Take 15 for example, where it is a Singapore gangster movie, the actors in it are all real gangsters in real life.

On the other hand, Jack Neo’s movies are all getting to be very stagnant and always uses the same actors and actress all over again. I think it is time for him to think out of the box.

By the way, the 881 OST is kinda below my expectations. Many of the movie songs are not inside as the singers (明 珠 姐 妹 Ming Zhu Sisters) behind those songs sang during the movie is coming out with an album of their own, so buy the OST at your own risk.