I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
I just love Adam Sandler comedy and “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” is no otherwise. It is freaking humorous and in a gay where because this the content of the movie is related to gay. I recommend this movie for all those who want a good laugh.

I just like that phrase by the Japanese priest, “When you tell a lie, it is like a circle, it has no start and no end”.

Resident Evil: Extinction
I waited 3 years for this movie because I just love Resident Evil movie concept but apparently Apocalypse was a disappointment or rather it did not live up to my expectation after the 1st one. After watching Extinction, I was quite disappointed by it as well, it did not really connect well from the ending of Apocalypse unlike RE1 where the ending links very well to the beginning of Apocalypse. The ending for Extinction sucks, the method used to kill the final boss was kinda expected by me when they are in that room. The time taken to fight the final boss was very short, everything happen so quickly like they are filming it in the rush.

By right Extinction should be the last installation of the Resident Evil franchise but I still hope they make a 4th one! I just love Resident Evil.

Nokia N93i
2 weeks ago, when I was about to exit my mom’s car for my lunch at Bestway Building eating minced pork noodle, my hand for no reason starting feeling soft and my hands was holding onto my O2 Atom Exec and moments later my O2 Atom Exec landing in the drain just beside the car! The worst part is the drain is filled with water and only that part of the drain was filled with water whereas the rest of the drain are totally DRY. I was like FUCK. I have never dropped a phone into water before after using so many phones, I think it is a sign for me to change my handphone.

Anyway, luckily my dad has bought Nokia N73ME a few months ago and he did not trade in his old Nokia 6230. So I got no choice but to used it for a week until Dinesh from Nokia emailed me. I asked if he could loan me a phone and I was so happy when he said can and the phone is Nokie N93i. He even couriered the phone right to my doorstep.

I will be using it temporary till Nokia N95 8GB is out sometime next month.

Thank You Dinesh!