I have no idea you guys realized that there is a site called Nokia Beta Labs where it houses several nice S60 applications created by Nokia themselves.

I did not know that this site existed till I visited Engadget or was it Just Another Mobile Phone Blog that was talking about this S60 application called Conversation and what it does is:

Conversation is a messaging application that allows you to follow your conversations, organized by individual contacts. In addition, the application procides and easy way for replying to messagees, and to continue the conversations.

I tried it and I find it rather interesting but the down side or rather a bug in that application makes it not recognizing some of my contacts if the person who sms me have a prefix of +65 (Singapore country code) and my contact for that person in my phonebook does not have +65 in front of it.

Other than that, it makes replies to that person much faster and you are able to keep track of previous conversation (that is you did not delete the previous inbox and sent messages).

The next application I am going to try will be Device Status.

Nokia Device Status is a self-diagnosis tool that allows you to collect detailed system information both from your PC and your S60 device. Your current device configuration and phone settings are presented in a detailed summary, which you can use to determine the exact cause, if you run into problems.

Link: Nokia Beta Labs Applications