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Caught Untraceable last week at GV VivoCity. Took 2 hours off to relax myself. Been so busy with my school nowdays.

I heard mix reviews about the movie, but personally I love Untraceable. I love all those technology stuff that they mentioned in the movie. Like TTL value, botnet, etc. I hope there is more of these type of movies.

Here is the plot:

Untraceable is a 2008 thriller film which stars Diane Lane, Joseph Cross, Billy Burke, and Colin Hanks. It was directed by Gregory Hoblit and is distributed by Screen Gems. The film is a social commentary on Internet schadenfreude.

Set in Portland, Oregon, the film involves a serial killer who rigs contraptions that kill his victims based on the number of hits received by a website (“www.killwithme.com”) that features a live streaming video of the victim. Millions of people log on, hastening the victims’ violent deaths. Lane plays the protagonist, a cybercop named Jennifer Marsh, who pieces the mystery together, at great risk to the personal well-being of herself and her family.

Source: Wikipedia

But I am wondering why not block the domain, www.killwithme.com, at ISP level? I have been wondering that all the while after the movie.

Just for fun, you can refer to the domain that is mentioned in the movie, Kill With Me.

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