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Caught Ironman last weekend at Orchard Cineleisure. It was good, one of the best Marvel superheros films around. For the guys, I am guess how you all love those high tech stuffs that Tony Stark used when he used to built his armour. I am hoping I can see that type of technology soon man! Who needs a monitor when you got an interactive holographic projection!

On a slight note, my exams are OVER. Took 4 paper in total. The last paper (Maths) which is yesterday is a total killer! I really hope I can pass it.

For my 3 months summer holidays, I am going to try to launch the version 3 of my website which is basically done except for the gallery part. I am thinking whether should I code myself or use the plugin NextGEN Gallery. The built-in gallery in WordPress 2.5 is lousy. I am hoping to launch the new website together with the release for all my plugins updates for WordPress 2.5 which is estimated to be 1st June 2008.

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