Tropic Thunder
Caught Tropic Thunder a few weeks back and I think is is not a bad show, lots of cameo appearances. And I didn’t picture Les Grossman as Tom Cruise till I saw the credits.

I also like the conversation between Tugg Speedman and Alpa Chino, it made me laugh the most.

Tugg Speedman: Now, let’s go get those Viet Congs.
Alpa Chino: “Viet Cong!”
Tugg Speedman: What?
Alpa Chino: It’s “viet cong.” There’s no “s,” it’s already plural. You wouldn’t say “Chineses…”

Not forgetting the scene when Tom Cruise dances to Low by Flo-Rida Featuring T Pain. Thumbs up for that.

Saw V
Met up with Geargina last Monday to watch Saw V as no one dared to watch the show because of the gore. Had Sushi Tei at VivoCity for the first time as I don’t really have a good impression of Sushi Tei as being good. But to my surprise, the food is not bad and the prices are quite reasonable.

Saw V is still as good but not as much gore as the predecessor. I can’t wait for Saw VI next Halloween as that will conclude the whole series.