Iluma is one of the newest shopping center in town which is near Bugis MRT Station. It is located in between Queen Street and Victoria Street. It is quite huge and have 5 levels. I don’t think there is any basement level. I can’t seem to find a link to the official website.

Coffee Bean, Nichi Fashion City, Comics Connection, Pasta De Waraku, Thai Express, Asian Kitchen and many more are already opened for business. Nevertheless, the shopping center is still quite empty. In particular the lower levels shops are all not occupied. Come across this interesting shop called Otaku House, which sells cosplay clothes as well as Japanese Anime collectibles. There is also a new cinema at Iluma is called Film Garde, which if I am not mistaken also operates a cinema in Kallang Leisure Park.

There is this extremely long escalator which goes up to level 4 directly from level 1. I took the escalator and I think it takes 45 seconds to reach to level 4.

View From Queen Street

This Escalator Goes From 1st Level To 4th level!

View Of The Lower Levels

View Of The Upper Levels

View From A Small Open Space At level 5

Facebook Gallery: Iluma