Before you read this post, I am not affiliated with, I am just doing my part in bringing awareness to this program for the needy and accumulating some good karma.

Many of us sleep with a thick and comfortable mattress when we get home after a tired day of work. However, there are many unprivileged people who do not even have a mattress to sleep on. is an online retail store in Singapore dealing in Mattresses and Bedroom Furniture. They are giving away a brand new mattress every week to the poor and needy in Singapore in this Free Mattress Program. Anyone could apply or refer someone else for the free mattress program.

The first mattress has been given away to John Lee who is currently serving NS. is mom passed away, leaving him with his ageing dad and an elder brother. His dad and brother were not employed currently, with his dad staying in the 3-room flat (2 bedrooms + 1 living room) most of the time.