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The Mood Diary is a Facebook application developed by my friend, Hong Jun and his team for their CS3216 final project.

I also did 3 Facebook Applications when I took CS3216 2 years back. Time flies man

So what is The Mood Diary?
Basically, Mood diary is a collection of moods and feelings that you pen down at any time of the day. Thus memories will not be lost and you can relive the precious moments!

What is missing from the status updates and micro blogging tools such as Twitter is the ability to retain memories. Although everything is stored inside the databases, it is hard to look back because there is not much meaning in a 140 character status update, and it is hard to click back all the time to view the status updates you have written back then. Blogging was a form to retain memories in the past, however, as people get busier with their lives, it is hard to set aside time to retain memories. Thus this application hopes to combine the power of micro blogging, pictures which speak a thousand words, and the ability to retain memories to bridge this gap.

So what’s interesting about this application?

  • Cute emoticons
  • Ability to retain memories
  • Easy updater (Bookmarklet)
  • The ability to interact with friend’s mood and view friends’ mood diaries (Coming Soon)
  • Desktop gadget, Twitter & Mobile app integration (Coming Soon)
  • Mood analysis (Coming Soon)

Here are some screenshots and how to post a mood:

Step 1: Indicate your happiness level and add an optional reason

Step 2: Choose an emoticon

Step 3: Type in additional details

Step 4: You are done!

As this is a school module, the most important KPI for this project is the number of users who installed and use the application. It would be greate if you can help out, do add and use their application =D

Thanks a lot =D

Facebook Application: Mood Diary

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