Moonchild: Animated Short Film, a Singapore production, by Stick and Balloon requires some donation to finish their final leg of production.


A shy fiddler named Niki meets a lovely moon-spirit and her strange musical band. Amazed and attracted, he sums up the courage and attempts to impress her. But lo’ the nervousness, a note shrieks into the air and pierces the night. Niki despairs as the moon-spirit leaves, disappointed. But as she walks away, a violin hum pulls at her heart and she decides to take a hopeful chance.

An age-old story of music, romance and epic transformation, Stick and Balloon presents a new twist with the marriage of stop-motion and traditional paper animation techniques.

The film is directed, animated and designed by Sara Chong and Chen Yanyun, a pair as complementary as a little red balloon and a long hardy stick.

With the help of “Mary & Max” VFX Supervisor Michael Allen, fiddler Marjolaine Parot, composer Jachin Pousson and the beautiful tunes of klezmer and fiddle music by Alicia Svigal, Trad’ouir, Danilo and Svetozar Milosavljevic, MoonChild weaves together a spirit of sound, sights and heart, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

You can pledge them donations via Kickstarter.