It seems that SingTel has launched its own version of cloud syncing and storage which is called SingTel Store & Share. Think of it as SingTel’s version of Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or even Dropbox.

Right now SingTel’s Store & Share only supports PC, iOS and Android platform. No support for Mac yet.

SingTel Store & Share
SingTel Store & Share

Price Plans

  • For SingNet fibre broadband customers, you get 10GB of storage for free
  • For SingTel 3G Flexi and iFlexi mobile plan customers you get 500MB for free
  • For SingNet ADSL broadband customers, you will have to pay. 2GB at S$1/month, 10GB at S$4/month or 30GB at S$8/month
  • For Mio Home customers, you will have to pay, 10GB at S$3/month
  • Additional storage is available at S$0.50/month per 500MB

Personally, I find the price plan so confusing, they should standardize it and give every customer a certain storage space rather than breaking down what type of customers gets how much space.

Apart from speed and perhaps if you are a SingNet fibre broadband customers, I don’t see how is it attractive to the rest of the customers.

Speed is the only competitive advantage that SingTel has against the big players since the data will be store in SingTel’s datacenter (which is the best datacenter in Singapore). You will be on SingTel 3G data network, accessing stuff stored within Singapore is much faster.

For me, my only concern is how long this service will last, what if one or two years down the road, SingTel decided to kill this service? What will happen to your data? I have the very same concern with Microsoft SkyDrive as well, that is why I would rather stick to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Press Release

SingTel’s Store and Share is the first Singapore-based cloud storage service which offers consumers up to 10GB of free online storage for their documents, photos, music, videos and other multimedia content. Available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as PCs, Store and Share ensures that users will always have their digital content on hand wherever they go. It was launched in December 2011.

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, SingTel’s CEO Consumer Singapore, said: “Cloud storage services have become increasingly popular for data backup and sharing. However, most users of cloud storage services today do not know where their data is stored or how secure it is. With Store and Share, users enjoy peace of mind knowing that their data is securely stored in SingTel’s servers in our own award-winning data centres, right here in Singapore.”

The service allows users to upload photos and videos instantly to their online folders from their smartphones and back up their mobile contacts. It automatically synchronises their digital content across their mobile devices and PCs.

Store and Share enables fast and reliable sharing of files and folders via SMS, social networks, instant messaging and email. In addition, it is equipped with powerful tools to allow users to edit photos and documents on the move and save them immediately to their online folders.

With the Smart Backup feature, users can schedule a regular automatic back up of their PCs. They can choose to back up all the contents of their computer or only specific drives or files. For example, they can choose to back up only photos. The service is intelligent enough to save only files that have been created or modified since the last back up.

Store and Share with 10GB of storage is offered to all SingNet fibre broadband customers at no charge. SingTel 3G Flexi and iFlexi mobile plan customers enjoy 500MB of free storage. SingNet ADSL broadband customers can enjoy 2GB at $1 per month, 10GB at $4 per month or 30GB at $8 per month. Mio Home subscribers can enjoy 10GB at $3 per month. Additional storage is available at $0.50 per month per additional 500MB.

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