Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) to the Mac App Store yesterday, 25th July 2012, at about 20:30 (GMT +8). It is priced at S$25.98.

Some new features:

  • Better iCloud integration
  • Reminders App
  • Notes App
  • Messages App (iMessage)
  • Notification Center
  • Power Nap (Sync data while in sleep mode)
  • Dictation (Speech to text)
  • More sharing features (Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter, Weibo, Facebook – coming soon)
  • AirPlay (Mirror your Mac on a TV using Apple TV)
  • Game Center
  • Gatekeeper (Gatekeeper protect you from downloading and installing malicious software)
  • Safari 6
Mac App Store - OS X Mountain Lion
Mac App Store – OS X Mountain Lion

Installed OS X Mountain Lion on my MacBook Air (Mid 2011) last night, downloaded at 7MB/s (love my fiber Internet), installation took about 30 minutes.

You might be interesting to know how to create a OS X Mountain Lion installer using SD Card or USB Flash Drive. Also check out OS X Mountain Lion’s Best 10 Tricks: The How-To Video Guide. If you want a more detailed review of OS X Mountain Lion, check out MacStories review on OS X Mountain Lion.

Mac App Store: OS X Mountain Lion (S$25.98)