The Moshi HDMI Cable is the second HDMI Premium Certified I have after Cable Matters.

It retails for S$40 and is made in Taiwan.

I am surprised Moshi didn’t add in the “Premium Certified” as part of the product name like what Cable Matters did. Maybe all of Moshi’s HDMI cables will be certified in the future, so there is no need to differentiate them.

To verify the certification, just download the ‎HDMI Cable Certification app on Apple AppStore or Google Play and scan the QR code.

HDMI Premium Cable iOS App
HDMI Premium Cable iOS App

If you look at the results page, it seems that they could have done it on a website without the need for an app.

HDMI Premium Cable iOS App
HDMI Premium Cable iOS App

More about the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program:

The Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program encompasses additional and enhanced cable testing and an authentication and verification program for High-Speed HDMI Cables. Cables are tested to ensure they support the full 18Gbps bandwidth from the HDMI 2.0b specification with an EMI test to ensure cables minimize interference with wireless signals.

Moshi HDMI Cable - Box Front
Moshi HDMI Cable – Box Front

The specification of the HDMI cable is written on the back of the box. Their website didn’t put that many details.

Moshi HDMI Cable - Box Back
Moshi HDMI Cable – Box Back

Moshi only has one variant for their HDMI cable, which is white and 2m in length.

Moshi HDMI Cable - Box
Moshi HDMI Cable – Box

This cable supports HDMI 2.0b specifications:

  • Dolby Vision
  • HDR 10
  • Up to 4K Resolution at 60Hz
  • Up to 32 Audio Channels
  • Audio Return Channel
  • Ethernet
  • 3D
Moshi HDMI Cable
Moshi HDMI Cable

The ends of the HDMI cable come with an anodized aluminum casing and an anti-fray design.

Moshi HDMI Cable - HDMI End
Moshi HDMI Cable – HDMI End

This HDMI cable is thinner than most HDMI cables that I have.

Although Cable Matters and Moshi are Premium Certified, Moshi’s HDMI cable is thinner and doesn’t come with gold plated ends.

Moshi HDMI Cable - Thin
Moshi HDMI Cable – Thin