I was using the Hario V60 Drip Scale previously, and it is not designed for weighing espresso shots (duh). It is laggy and bulky underneath the group head. The precision is also lesser by 0.3g after using the Acaia Calibration Weight 100g to measure it.

Again, I decided to endgame it and went straight to the Acaia Lunar. The official retail price of the Acaia Lunar is US$250 (S$339), but on their website, it doesn’t ship directly to Singapore.

So I got from Daily Grind Supply on Shopee. They are selling the Acaia Lunar for S$379, but there is a S$15 Shopee voucher. So I paid S$364.

Acaia Lunar - Box Front
Acaia Lunar – Box Front
Acaia Lunar - Box Back
Acaia Lunar – Box Back
Acaia Lunar - Box
Acaia Lunar – Box
Acaia Lunar - Box Contents
Acaia Lunar – Box Contents

Acaia Lunar is solid and well-built with its water-resistant anodized aluminum body. It is also sensitive to weight change and definitely not laggy.

Acaia Lunar - Top
Acaia Lunar – Top
Acaia Lunar - Bottom
Acaia Lunar – Bottom

It has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7 V 1,100 mAh battery. Since this is the 2021 model, changing is done by USB-C. A full charge will last you about 40 hours.

Acaia Lunar - Back
Acaia Lunar – Back

I like how it comes with the Heat Resistant Pad and Acaia Calibration Weight of 100g. I was expecting the weighing scale and the USB-C charging cable only.

You can use the included Acaia Calibration Weight to calibrate your Acaia Lunar. Mine was less by 0.1g (99.9g) out of the box. So I calibrated it to match the 100g weight exactly.

Acaia Lunar - Calibration
Acaia Lunar – Calibration

There are six modes you can choose from. Pressing and holding the power button allows you to switch the mode.

  • Mode 1: Weighing Mode
  • Mode 2: Dual Display Mode
  • Mode 3: Timer Mode With Flow Mode
  • Mode 4: Auto-Tare Timer Starts With Flow Mode
  • Mode 5: Auto-Tare Auto Start Timer Mode
  • Mode 6: Auto-Tare Mode

I have yet to experience the flow mode, so I currently use Mode 5.

Acaia Lunar - With Lelit Bianca V3
Acaia Lunar – With Lelit Bianca V3

Acaia Lunar also comes with Bluetooth 5.0, so you can pair it with your phone using the Brewmaster app (iOS | Android). Using the Brewmaster app, you can visualize your coffee brewing data. Though I don’t think I will be using it anytime soon.

Acaia Lunar
Acaia Lunar