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Microsoft Windows Vista 64-Bit

I have been using Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit for more than a month and I must say I am pretty comfortable with it. Even though not much changes from Windows XP besides the GUI, it supports DirectX 10 which is a must have for all gamers.

Till now, I have gotten only 1 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) when I am upgrading to the Windows Vista 64-bit service pack 1. Since then, I have not gotten a single crash *TOUCH WOOD*.

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Supports 64-Bit For Windows Only

Adobe Creative Suite 4 will support 64bit OSes running Windows, whereas for Mac, it will still be 32bit only. When Adobe Creative Suite 5 comes, it will support both 64bit OSes in Windows and Mac.

What’s Adobe doing with Photoshop? In the interest of giving customers guidance as early as possible, we have some news to share on this point: in addition to offering 32-bit-native versions for Mac OS X and 32-bit Windows, just as we do today, we plan to ship the next version of Photoshop as 64-bit-native for Windows 64-bit OSes only.

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