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NuPhy Air75

Since Li Xiang started working from the office more frequently, she would need a portable keyboard. So I decided to pass her my older Apple Magic Keyboard so that I can get a new one. Also, she loves Apple’s keyboard, and I wanted a mechanical keyboard, so our objectives are aligned.

Previously, I had the Keychron K7, but I sold it because I wanted a 75% keyboard.

NuPhy Air75 With NuPhy Folio V2 - Box
NuPhy Air75 With NuPhy Folio V2 – Box

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Keychron Q1

After getting my Keychron K7, it got me interested in the world of Keyboard modding. So happen that my brother also got interested and he bought for himself and me the Keychron Q1 (USD$169 / S$229) together with the Keychron Keyboard Wooden Palm Rest (USD$25 / S$34).

I chose the Fully Assembled Carbon Black Base with Gateron Phantom Blue switches. Fully assembled because it is just US$20 difference, and I don’t have any existing switches that I can use.

Keychron Q1 - Box Front
Keychron Q1 – Box Front

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