Backed the Crabby Wallet on Kickstarter on 9th April 2013, the project got funded on 3rd May 2013 with a total of US$308,838 raised though the initial goal was only US$10,000. I bought 2 Crabby wallets, an orange for myself and a pink for Li Xiang. Paid US$16 + USD $16 + US$5 (shipping) = US$37 (S$46).

They have some mixed up and instead of pink, they shipped a purple to me despite the contents on the delivered envelope stated pink. But Ryan from Crabby Wallet is kind enough to send me a new pink Crabby Wallet and at the same time I get to keep the purple! Thank you Ryan!

Crabby Wallet - Orange & Purple
Crabby Wallet – Orange & Purple