LASIK at Shinagawa – Part 3

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Shinagawa Lasik Centre
Shinagawa Lasik Centre

Post-Operation Day 1 (Tuesday, 2nd April 2013)
The next day, you will have to go back to have your eyes checked, I was very happy to have a 6/6 vision after the check. The nurse said my left eye is recovering faster than my right eye. Doctor also said everything is good, reminded me to keep up the same procedure of putting the 3 drops every hour and not to rub my eyes.

Since I have phobia of putting eye drops, the drop keep missing its target which is my eyes, a lot of drops has gone to waste and hence I bought 1 more bottle of Cravit and Pred Forte 1% and 2 more boxes of OptiClear UD as I don’t think they can last me for 1 more week.

1x Bottle of Cravit + 1x Bottle of Pred Forte 1% + 2x Bottles of OptiClear UD = SGD$50.59 (SGD$54.13)

The initial prescription (especially the Cravit and Pred Forte 1%) should be able to last you for one week. But to be safe, I just recommend you get another 2 boxes of the OptiClear UD.

Bathing might be a slight problem. I have to close my eyes and bath. And before opening my eyes, I have to ensure that my face is totally dry! And when I use facial wash, I avoided washing the area around my eyes.

Post-Operation Day 2 (Wednesday, 3rd April 2013)
I started driving on the 2nd day after my operation, night vision is fine for me, but I see halo starburst on traffic lights and street lamps. However, it is still manageable.

The 2 anti-inflammatory drop has been reduced to once every 2 hours.

Post-Operation Day 3 (Thursday, 4th April 2013)
Went back to work even though I cannot stare at the computer screen for long, I make it a point to look away every 30 minutes to take a break. I should have taken the whole week off from work!

The 2 anti-inflammatory drops have been reduced to once every 3 hours.

Post-Operation Day 4-7 (Friday, 5th April 2013 – Monday, 8th April 2013)
The 2 anti-inflammatory drops have been reduced to 4 times daily.

Post-Operation Day 7 (Monday, 8th April 2013)
Went back to get my eyes checked. You will have to go back a total of 3 times. The first time is the next day after your operation, the second time is 1 week after the operation and the last time is 1 month after the operation.

My eyesight is still 6/6 according to the nurse, but the doctor said my eyes are a bit dry and prescribed me the Vidisic Gel SGD$13 (SGD$13.91) and asked me to apply it 4 times daily for the next 3 weeks. I will still have to use the lubricant eye drop every hour for the next 3 weeks as well.

According to the doctor, normal eye drop lubricant, will only last for 10 minutes while the gel based lubricant will last longer (I can’t remember how much longer).

On top of the 2 Vidisic Gel, I also bought 5 more boxes of the OptiClear UD since I have to use it every hour for the next 3 weeks.

5x Boxes of OptiClear UD + 2x Tubes of Vidisic Gel = SGD$91 (SGD$97.37)

Today is the last day that you will need to drip the Cravit and Pred Forte 1% and wear the eye shield!

Post-Operation Day 8 (Tuesday, 9th April 2013)
Your lifestyle should be back to normal (I can finally bath normally), but you will still need to carry on dripping the OptiClear UD every hour for the next 3 weeks.

On top of that, for me, I have to use the Vidisic Gel 4 times daily!

Post-Operation Day 14 (Monday, 15th April 2013)
Don’t think my OptiClear UD can last me another 2 weeks and hence I went back and bought another 11 boxes at one go, bringing the total boxes I bought to 20.

11x Boxes of OptiClear UD = SGD$143 (SGD$153.01)

Post-Operation Week 3/Day 22 (Tuesday, 23th April 2013)
My vision has been fluctuating happening since week 2 and still is, it is more noticeable on my right eye than my left eye. I printed an eye chart and pasted it 3 meters away from my work desk in office and use it to test my eyes everyday.

My dry eyes seems to be getting better and my eyes are not easily tired anymore when staring at my computer screen for long hours (I still try to take a break every hour by looking away for 5 minutes).

Post-Operation Month 1/Day 29 (Tuesday, 30th April 2013)
Went for my 1st month check and sadly, my right eye might have a residue of 50 degree due to the dryness of my eye. This might be due to my eyelid not fully closed when I sleep (Picture). But luckily my left eye is fine.

Dr Lee prescribed me a bunch of additional medication and told me that the 50 degree can be fix if my eyes are moisturised.

There is the Duratears Ointment SGDS$10 (SGD$10.70) which is a thicker lubricant gel to be used before I sleep.

Restasis 0.05% eye drop SGD$75 (SGD$80.25) (which is freaking expensive), to be used when I wake up and before I sleep to aid in the production of tears.

The Tranquil Eye Google SGD$80 (SGD$85.60) which cover my eyes and create an air pocket to prevent the moisture in eyes from evaporating. I think I shall stop sleeping with the air condition switched on for the next month.

I also top up 10 more boxes of OptiClear UD (which I can share it with Li Xiang also) and 2 tubes of Vidisic Gel.

My next month appointment is on 29th May 2013 and this time it will be chargeable since only the first 3 consultations are free.

Spent a bomb for this visit:

Item Quantity Packaging Price (SGD$) Price After 7% GST (SGD$)
Restasis 0.05% 2 Box $150 $160.50
Duratears Ointment 1 Tube $10 $10.70
Vidisic Gel 2 Tube $26 $27.82
Tranquil Eye Google 1 - $80 $85.60
OptiClear UD 10 Box $130 $139.10
Total - - $396 $423.72

LASIK at Shinagawa

  • Shirley Tan

    Hi, thanks for sharing this useful information. Can we exercise after the op?

  • Lester Chan

    Only after a month.

  • Janet

    Hi Lester,

    What is your degree now and do you have any astigmatism after 1 year of surgery? Does those additional med really help in getting back to 6/6?

  • Lester Chan

    Hmm, My left eye is 6/6 but unfortunately my right eye is not, I am guessing about 50-100 degrees. I am guessing the additional med helps me to maintain my right eye degree rather than deteriorating it.

  • Ling

    Hi lester
    did Dr advice you for enhancement surgery

  • Lester Chan

    Nope, but I think partly is because my cornea is too thin for another op

  • Janet

    Are you not considering enhancement surgery?

  • Lester Chan

    Nope my cornea is too thin for another op

  • Ling

    Oic then yr residue degree still need to depend on glasses?

  • Lester Chan

    Nope, totally good without =) 50-100 on one eye do not really need specs

  • Janet

    “Dr Lee prescribed me a bunch of additional medication and told me that the 50 degree can be fix if my eyes are moisturised.” Do you think the doc is trying to milk more money from you by selling all those products that in the very end, it didnt even worked for you??? Anyway are you still using eye drops now and then?

  • Lester Chan

    Yeap, I am still using it now and then. Personally I don’t think it can be fixed because I took really good care of my eyes for the past 1 year and perhaps instead of making it worst, it was maintained

  • Janet

    Preservative Free eye drop or normal eye drop like eyemo? Also did your friend Li Xiang get perfect vision?

  • Lester Chan

    Preservative Free eye drop, I tried normal Eye Drop, don’t really like it

    Li Xiang is my wife :) She got perfect but having said that her degree is only 150 on each eye.

  • Janet

    How is the halo for you? Recovered? Also is the Tranquil Eye Google, Duratears Ointment and Restasis 0.05% eye drop good? Overall No regret? (:

  • Lester Chan

    I love the Tranquil Eye Google, I am still using it. After putting it on, it is good to sleep! I stopped using the Duratears Ointment after 9 months because it is quite a hassle to apply.

    You don’t need the Restasis after the one month.

  • Ling

    Can I knw the consultation fee

  • cedge

    Thanks for your LASIK blog posts. They were very useful in helping me make my decision about getting LASIK done.

  • terryB

    Hi Lester, would you like to share your review on ?

  • Lester Chan

    Sorry, I prefer the review to be on my own blog =)


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