Watched the 1st match of the day, I must say that it is quite boring, that is why I only watched the first half of the match, but at least China did made some improvements, they just lacked experience. Eager for the match between Brazil and China this Saturday(8th June 2002) 7.30pm.

Woot, the 2nd half of the match between Japan and Belgium is exciting, the Japan team is like going for a fashion, the hair is golden and some even red. LOL, Japan is good I must say.

Yes, Korea did Asia proud by defeating Poland. =)

Matches Played
China PR(0) : Costa Rica(2)
Japan(2) : Belgium(2)
Korea Republic(2) : Poland(0)

Tomorrow(5th June 2002) Matches
Russia : Tunisia [5th June 2:30pm]
USA : Portugal [5th June 5:00pm]
Germany : Rep. of Ireland [5th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times