Parents’ 21st Wedding Anniversary

Met up with my FYP lecturer today. Our plan is to complete everything by end of next week, then for the next next whole week we will be doing documentations, powerpoint slides and rehearsal. Time is so short, don’t even know whether there is enough time to finish FYP.

Went for driving today. Learn how to drive up and down a slope. I must say I did very poorly in this area. Also went out to drive on the main road today. Was abit nervous as there are so many cars on the road, but overall still not as bad compared to the slopes. Well… my next lesson is on Saturday, think will be doing the same thing again. Guess I really need practice on the slope area.

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Women Integration Network (WIN)

Finally did something useful for my GAME assignment. Able to draw the wall, the seed and able to position the camera nicely. Many thanks to all my friends who helped me in that =D.

Had lunch today with Serene and co. At least today I join in the “Suanning Campaign” today because I missed it out yesterday. I think Laily had to bear with us till we get sick of suanning but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. LOL. Poor Laily.

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