Finally did something useful for my GAME assignment. Able to draw the wall, the seed and able to position the camera nicely. Many thanks to all my friends who helped me in that =D.

Had lunch today with Serene and co. At least today I join in the “Suanning Campaign” today because I missed it out yesterday. I think Laily had to bear with us till we get sick of suanning but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. LOL. Poor Laily.

Had meeting with the Women Integration Network(WIN) in charge after lunch. We are suppose to do a website for them. We are doing it for free, if you wonder. Is part of our NSC work. I can say our group is pretty strong. Got Lay Hiang(Graphics), Serene(Graphics), Su Qin(Programming), Elaine(Mixed) and I(Programming). Is well balanced between designers and programmers.

Came home took a nap as I was very tired. Even though sleeping is a waste time, but who cares. Spend the whole night till now doing my JSPG. It has so many problems, but progress so far so good. I think I shall need to do my FYP tomorrow. Been neglecting it for too long.

4th driving lesson tomorrow after school =D