The Island, Stealth

Caught The Island last Sunday at GV Grand. It is a good show and the scenes is set in the future and all those gadgets they have are way cool, especially the table size tablet pc. I am going to get that when it is available next time. The story is about human cloning and I believe what is shown in the movie may just happen in the future. Imagine one day you open the door and you saw a person who looks exactly like you standing outside. Freaky isn’t it?

Caught Stealth yesterday at GV Marina. It was a 2 hour non-stop action pack show, the director Rob Cohen who directed Fast and Furious and xXx never fails to keep us locked in our seat and eyes glued on the big screen. I read 8 days saying that 1 of the explosion scene in the movie was so big that it could be seen from space and they have to register it with NASA, I am still figuring out which scene is it. Anyway, I think the possibility for a fighter jet to pilot itself in the future is very high especially UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is quite popular now. As what the actor said, I think next time war will be like playing computer games just like playing Command and Conquer. There will not be a stealth 2 directed by Rob Cohen, because he do not believe in sequel. That is why he did not direct 2 Fast 2 Furious and xXx2 .

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Fantastic 4

War Of The World
Caught War Of the World last week at GV Plaza, show is around 150 minutes. The starting of the show was ok, but the ending kinda sucks. The show is very similar to Half-Life 2 storyline. 3 legged machines destroying through cities. But thumbs up for the creativity. Independence Day was much better if you are wondering.

Suppose to have dinner at the Pasta Bar at Ngee Ang City, but it has closed for renovation and due to open in August 2005. They didn’t even put a sign telling that they are going to renovate. At first I thought it just disappeared, but after asking the food outlet opposite it selling Japanese Curry Rice, they told me that there are renovating.

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