War Of The World
Caught War Of the World last week at GV Plaza, show is around 150 minutes. The starting of the show was ok, but the ending kinda sucks. The show is very similar to Half-Life 2 storyline. 3 legged machines destroying through cities. But thumbs up for the creativity. Independence Day was much better if you are wondering.

Suppose to have dinner at the Pasta Bar at Ngee Ang City, but it has closed for renovation and due to open in August 2005. They didn’t even put a sign telling that they are going to renovate. At first I thought it just disappeared, but after asking the food outlet opposite it selling Japanese Curry Rice, they told me that there are renovating.

Alot Like Love
Caught Alot Like Love at GV Grand yesterday morning, the show was abit lengthly and I think the starting part is abit reduntant. Show is around 120 minutes. I think among all the love movies around, so far none can beat Love Actually.

Fantastic 4
Caught Fantastic 4 at GV Grand midnight show yesterday. In total I went Great World City 3 times, 1 in the morning to watch Alot Like Love, one at night for dinner and one more at midnight for Fantastic 4.

My review for Fantastic 4? Best show I have watched so far this year. It is the BEST marvel movies ever produced. It is a must watched movie. I really like the jokes and pranks played by The Human Torch.

Sony Ericsson K750i
On Friday after dismounting, went for Tim Sum Buffet at Dragon Gate located at Harbour Front. The service really sucks, and all those auntie waitress have attitude problem. We waited 45 minutes for our 2nd round of food to be served and waited 30 minutes to get the bill paid. I am really surprise that the restraunt is full house.

Went to Far East Plaza’s Mobile Square to buy my Sony Ericsson K750i together with my army mates, Loh and Jonas. Managed to get $675 per set because we are buying 3 sets altogether. Loh and I traded in our Nokia 7610 for $400, so we paid $275 for the phone. Bought a Martin Fields Overlays for the phone for $16.

The phone is SO MUCH better than my old Sony Ericsson T610. It doesn’t lag at all and have all the features I want in a phone.

Mom’s Birthday
My mom celebrated her birthday at Kuishin – Bo. We gave her a Swatch Bijoux necklace as her birthday present and my brother gave her a Hallmark birthday card on top of that.

Went to Nike for a great shop later as it is my mom’s birthday month and we can get 25% off all items in Nike Bird. Bought 2 shorts , 1 small sling pouch and a handphone puch.

Yesterday was Geargina birthday, Happy Birthday Geargina.

Tomorrow is my mom actual birthday, Happy Birthday Mom.