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Caught the movie Cars 2 weeks ago. It was the longest animation I saw in the cinemas so far, it is about 2 hours long. The movie was not bad just that the middle part was a bit draggy. I love the cute flies which is actually a small car. Remember to stay after the credits for about 20 seconds of extra stuff.

Billy Bombers
We tried Billy Bombers at Heeren. The last time I ate was like 8 years ago together with my cousin at the outlet near Cuppage. I have no idea whether it is still there. She knew the staff there, so our meal was free. And the most memorial food was the Buffalo Wings. It was the best chicken wings I ate at that time. But when I tried it again at Heeren, it was average only. Food there was also average.

FIFA World Cup by the Numbers

FIFA World Cup by the Numbers
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Interesting stats for FIFA World Cup 2006 in ascending order:

» 1 Pool Feed for Broadcasters
» 6 Number of Directors
» 9 PanAmSats used to send HD signal worldwide
» 12 Cities hosting matches
» 14 Panels on current FIFA football
» 16 Distinct feeds produced by HBS per match
» 20 Outside Broadcast Vans
» 25 HD Cameras used to cover each match (per stadium)
» 25 Microphones covering each match
» 31 Length of event (days)
» 32 Nations participating
» 33 Match officials
» 48 Number of matches broadcast in HD for 2002 FIFA World Cup
» 50 Interview studios
» 64 Total matches played
» 64 Number of matches broadcast in HD for 2006 FIFA World Cup
» 70 Presentation studios
» 100 Number of Fujinon HD Lenses deployed
» 180 Worldwide Broadcasters
» 736 Players
» 750 km Length of audio/video cabling
» 800 Unilateral camera positions
» 1300 km Length of cabling in total for 12 venues
» 1930 First year of the FIFA World Cup
» 2000 Commentary positions
» 2000 HBS staff to produce content
» 2200 Hours of feeds produced
» 15,000 Estimated number of press on scene
» 45,000 Estimated number of network connections
» 40,000 – 60,000 Expected visitors per game
» 3.5 million RFID embedded tickets
» $30 to $50 million Cost to sponsor the games
» $100 million Estimated cost of voice and data network deployed by Avaya
» 5 billion Viewers expected to watch the games