Caught the movie Cars 2 weeks ago. It was the longest animation I saw in the cinemas so far, it is about 2 hours long. The movie was not bad just that the middle part was a bit draggy. I love the cute flies which is actually a small car. Remember to stay after the credits for about 20 seconds of extra stuff.

Billy Bombers
We tried Billy Bombers at Heeren. The last time I ate was like 8 years ago together with my cousin at the outlet near Cuppage. I have no idea whether it is still there. She knew the staff there, so our meal was free. And the most memorial food was the Buffalo Wings. It was the best chicken wings I ate at that time. But when I tried it again at Heeren, it was average only. Food there was also average.

I notice a slight change in my operator text these days, below my SGP M1-3GSM, there is some text which indicates my location. So that time when I was at Heeren, it stated “The Heeren”. It is kinda cool but the location is not precise. When I am at home it stated something like “Jln Bt Merah B142” where I was staying at Bukit Purmei. Last year when I am in Thailand, I am using the pay as you roam service and it also have this sort of thing.

World Cup 2006
Guess almost all the guys and some girls are watching the World Cup now. Kinda like the atmosphere/World Cup Fever. I support Brazil, but the few matches they played, I doubt they can win the World Cup with that standard. Germany on the other hand is very good.

Taxi Drivers
Finally I am going to whine about them here. I am not targeting anyone taxi drivers in particular but in general. No offence for those whose parents/relatives are taxi drivers. Here you go:

They are the MOST FUCKED UP DRIVERS in the world, no doubt about it. They drive as if the road belongs to them. They stop anywhere they want (this may be the passengers fault, so I will not go into this). The worst part is they fucking road hog expressway on the extreme right lane at 80km/h. I really can’t stand them. I will still give way to them when there is a need but I will never give them face, I will just high beam them whenever I am right behind them and if they are driving below 100km/h.

12 more working days.