Was searching for DOCTYPEs for XHTML 1.1 and came across Wikipedia article on XHTML 2.0.

After reading it though, I can’t wait for XHTML 2.0, the features looks great. Below are 3 of the features that I picked out.

» Any element will be able to act as a hyperlink, e.g., < li href="articles.html" >Articles< /li >, similar to XLink. However, XLink itself is not compatible with XHTML due to design differences.

» Any element will be able to reference alternative media with the src attribute, e.g., < p src="lbridge.jpg" type="image/jpeg" >London Bridge< /p > is the same as < object src="lbridge.jpg" type="image/jpeg" >< p >London Bridge< /p >< /object >.

» The alt attribute of the img element has been removed: alternative text will be given in the content of the img element, much like the object element, e.g., < img src="hms_audacious.jpg"/>HMS < em >Audacious< /em >.