Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer
Caught this movie last Sunday at GV VivoCity, it was a 12:00pm show, been a long time since I caught a afternoon show, and they were LOTS of kids in the cinema and as usual with kids come noises, but when the show starts, they kept quiet, looks like their parents did their job well.

The show was average, storyline does not follow the comics and the special effects was disappointing. I will not elaborate much as I afraid I will be the spoiler.

Communicasia 2007
Went to Communicasia 2007 today to take a look at handphones. Sony Ericsson announce several new handphones on the 14th June 2007 and all the new handphones can be found there. I played around with K850i and W960i and I am quite disappointed with both of them.

K850i – The phone is thick and it lags, maybe primary due to lots of animations being added to the phone. The media gallery is revamped to make it look like PSP interface. But it lags when scrolling through and selecting media objects. It took me quite a while to find out where are the select, menu and cancel buttons because the buttons are not there! Instead these 3 top buttons are touch screen and there is only a thin white bar representing the area where I am suppose to touch! Is either I am noob of the UI failed for first time users of the phone. Nevertheless, the camera is the best thing about this phone, clear, crisp and sharp. Not much significant updates from K 800i/K810i besides the stuff mentioned above.

W960i – I was impressed by the thickness of this phone, it is very thin, I think the K850i is twice the thickness of this phone. I am not used to this UI either maybe because it is using UIQ. The stylus for this phone is going to be a very negative point because it is made of some cheap plastic which I think breaks easier and when you hold it, you can feel the plastic is bending. The keypad provided is pretty useless besides using it to call and sms. All the menu selection have to be done by touching the screen. Nevertheless the thickness and the internal 8GB memory for this phone is a plus point.

LG Shine/ Samsung – Tried some phones from LG and Samsung, but I can’t remember the model number as I am not really into LG and Samsung, I am more of a Nokia/Sony Ericsson person. Basically the only thing I don’t like about LG shine is the scroll button because it looks flimsy.