I am not really a fan of Transformers Cartoon or rather I did not watch much Transformers when I was young. But I love Transformers the movie, it is the best movie I had watched since Lord Of The Rings. The CG was fantastic, the storyline was good, the action was almost throughout the 140 minutes long movie. 2 thumbs up. Can’t wait for part 2 and 3.

My uncle who is working in LA has a taste of iPhone and this is what he wrote to me. Just to share it with you guys

» They sold 525,000 phones since Apple launched on June 29, 2007 at 6:00 pm.
» I tried the phone and it’s quite impressive except the price US$499 for 42 GB and US$599 for 8GB.
» Everything is touchscreen and it’s visual display is beautiful just like a mini laptop computer.
» The cons is it gets heated up quickly after pro-longed use and gets hot and never very ergonomic to your hand. Speaker phone not great but ok in terms of sound level.
» A lot of people said it’s better to wait for the next generation because they probably will fine tune it. It’s not always good to buy a first generation gadgets because they bound to have little problems. But I must say, it’s pretty impressive

Premix/Remix 2007
Here are some more pictures from Premix/Remix 2007 taken by Nic and Leon.

Nokia N95 8Gb Edition
According to Just Another Mobile Phone Blog, Nokia N95 8Gb Edition was discovered within some text in the XML file on the Nokia site.

EDIT: Totally false:

ok people, it really is time to forget this thread, There is NO N95-8GB hard drive handset, Nokia Wont be doing this 100%, Its is another model in the work running under the n95 software profiles, UAPROF Developers have renamed the profile to keep to device name secret! So lets all still talk about N95 because its not going to change in spec! ok

Samsung K3
I have the Samsung K3 with me for about 1 week and here are some pros/cons I have discovered.

» Sound equalizer is a very good feature to have
» Sound quality is definitely better than iPod
» User interface is some what similar to iPod
» It is as thin/small as iPod Nano
» Uses drag and drop via Windows Explorer instead of some crappy applications *cough* iTunes *cough* SonicStage.

» Songs are listed by file names instead of by artists/albums/songs
» I think the headphone wire is a little to long for comfort.
» For some reasons, the file browser does not detect pictures or text files whereas when I use the main menu to access them I am able to do so.
» OLED screen not as sharp but power saving

Note: I have not tested the battery life yet.