Die Hard 4.0
Caught this movie on Saturday. It was 150 minutes long and the movie was not that bad, slightly above average, as expected, it was an action packed film with actions almost through the whole movie. Maggie Q only lasted 1/2 way through the show maybe since she is an Asian and this is an American flim. LOL

Pasta De Waraku
Located at 2nd level in the newest shopping center in Singapore, The Central, Pasta De Waraku serves Japanese Pasta and it is by far the best pasta I have eaten and prices there are very reasonable, the price ranges between $12.80 and $16.80.

Pete’s Place
Celebrated my mom’s birthday at Pete’s Place. It is located at the basement in Hyatt Hotel. Pete’s Place serves Italian food and they have a very good buffet spread. This is the 3rd time I have been to there, prices for weekend lunch is about $45 per head and just by eating a single dish from the spread, is enough to fill your stomach.

I have been coding an in-house billing system for Frro.net for the past week and I am using CakePHP to do it. It is my first time using CakePHP and I am quite impressed by it. No wonder it is called “The Rapid Development Framework for PHP”. As a first timer to CakePHP, I am able to pick up things quite fast. When I first started coding, I am not really comfortable with it because I spend more time finding out how to do some stuff rather than coding. But as time goes by, I am more familiar with it and coding had never been easier as CakePHP will do most of your work.