Former hacker to help appeal against court ruling

Anime distributor Odex has roped in a Silicon Valley-based former hacker to appeal against a court’s decision. Last Thursday, Odex failed in its bid to force Pacific Internet (PacNet) to hand over the data of suspected illegal downloaders, whom Odex had tracked down with the help of Internet investigation firm BayTSP.

BayTSP’s chief executive officer Mark Ishikawa, a former hacker, will arrive in Singapore later this week to help Odex prepare its appeal, according to his publicist Jim Graham.

Mr Ishikawa has has appeared as an expert witness in the United States on peer-to-peer technologies. Recently, BayTSP gathered evidence for Viacom in its US$1-billion ($1.5-billion) lawsuit against Google and YouTube.

Mr Graham told Today: “Mark will be working with Odex to demonstrate that we were under contract to Odex and that our data identified the IP addresses of individuals who were downloading and sharing copyrighted material licensed by Odex.”


Source: TODAYonline

From my previous entry below:

The Straits Times understands one reason for District Judge Ernest Laus decision is that he believes Odex was not the right party to make the application

For fuck they bring in BayTSP CEO?