It has been a month since I caught a movie at the cinema due to our busy schedule, but finally found some time last Friday to catch a midnight show, Ratatouille, at GV VivoCity.

The show was not bad bad but a little too draggy, it is about 2 hours longs but nevertheless Pixar animation is always outstanding, I am really amazed by how they did the water effects. Imagine the algorithm and mathematical calculation behind it! That was what is going through my mind when I am watching it. LOL

Ever since I registered for Facebook, I stopped going back to Friendster. LiXiang is always the one updating my profile with ugly pictures of me. Facebook can win Friendster just about in every way, applications, APIs, design, AJAX, tagging and my personal favourite is the intuitive interface done in Java Applet for uploading multiple photos.

I have also updated 2 of my simple Facebook Applications to display this blog and my WordPress Plugins blog statistics, recent posts and comments.

Check it out here and here.

If you want the source, it is available, just drop me an email and not post your email address in the comments. With that source, you can create an application to display the statistics, recent posts and comments of your blog and fans of your blog can add the application to their Facebook profile. Do not ask me how to go about it, instead go and read the Facebook tutorial on how to create a simple Facebook Application.

By the way, Java Sucks Period.